My beer is coming out frothy!

The cooler hasn’t been give sufficient time to cool.

Our portable cooler units only require 10-20 minutes to reach optimum cooling temperature. After 20 minutes, if your drink isn’t chilled check, if there is one present, the temperature control knob on the front of the unit is turned up (the higher the number, the colder your drink).


Always give yourself enough time before serving to allow for a technician callout if required.

The cooler isn't turned on!

Most times our engineer will turn the cooler off it it is set up a long time before the event is starting. There is no switch on any cooler we supply. Simply plug it in and it will be on. It should make a noise that is audible (the compressor at work) when it is on and cooling.

You have left the kegs out in the sun.

Kegs must be kept in the shade at all time. Kegs left in the sun can overheat, putting strain on the cooler.

The beer is only coming out in a trickle!

There could be a kink in one of the supply tubes.

In order to work properly the system requires an unrestricted flow of air and product. Check the lines for any kinks.

The compressor may not be turned on

Simply switch the air compressor using the switch at the back of the portable drinks cooling unit.

The tap’s flow control is set too slow.

So if you’re taking five minutes to pour a pint, it’s more than likely the flow control is set too slow. On the side of the taps there is a little lever, this is the flow control - lift it towards the sky a little and try again.

There’s beer leaking from the keg!

This usually only occurs when you have purchased two or more kegs and are attempting to serve them one after the other.

Changing a keg isn’t difficult, but before serving, the device connecting the keg to the cooler needs to be attached securely to prevent any leaks.

Try reconnecting the keg.

I’m can hear gas!

All of our gas line is connected using push fit connectors. Sometimes these can come loose if the lines are accidentally pulled on or tugged. Simply push the pipes into the connectors as hard as you can

If the keg is disconnected and the coupler has been pushed down (This would enage the keg if connected) gas will come out. Simply pop the coupler handle back up. This is also a great way of checking if you have gas coming through the line.

I’m pouring gas and bubbles!

It means your keg is empty!

If you’re lucky enough to have some more, change it over quickly before your guests get too thirsty!